What is equine chiropractic care?

Equine chiropractic is an art of healing that focuses on restoring flexibility and range of motion to maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system.

Restricted mobility between vertebral bodies can irritate nerves exiting the spinal cord. This causes altered nerve function and leads to decreased blood supply to tissues, pain, incorrect posture, uncoordinated movement, joint injury, and muscle atrophy.

Chiropractic care centers on detecting and correcting restricted motion in joints, between vertebra, and surrounding muscles. When areas with decreased range of motion are found, chiropractic adjustments are performed to realign joints, improve function and decrease pain.

When does a horse need chiropractic exam and treatment?

Vague lameness and poor performance are frustrating for horse owners. Chiropractic provides another approach to diagnosis and treatment of many musculoskeletal problems. A chiropractic exam will frequently reveal subtle changes in a horse’s skeletal system or abnormal biomechanics that can be corrected before they progress to more significant lameness issues. Disorders originating in a horse’s neck, back, and hips often produce gait abnormalities that increase the risk of developing lameness.

How is a chiropractic exam and adjustment performed?

Dr. Warren performs a through chiropractic exam that involves evaluating over 300 joints in the horse’s body. Each exam typically begins with the head and neck, progresses to the legs, hip area (sacrum and pelvis), and finishes by checking each rib and vertebra in the back. All adjustments are made using low amplitude motions that require a minimal amount of force to ensure comfort to the horse. Muscle tone and symmetry are evaluated and massage, stretching techniques, and exercises are recommended.

Chiropractic treatment is very effective in diagnosing and treating lameness in the horse when combined with acupuncture and laser therapy. Read more about Dr. Warren’s Performance Horse Exam and Treatment.